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Sun Brite Supply In Maryland

In compliance with social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are ONLY accepting telephone and online orders to be picked up at the door.

Please call 301-519-9274 upon arrival and we will prepare your order while you wait in the comfort and safety of your vehicle.  If you call ahead, we will have your order waiting for you.

During this challenging time, our store hours will be 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

These measures are for the safety of our staff and clients.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Sun Brite Supply Has Experienced Staff

Sun Brite Supply in Maryland was opened in April 2006 and rapidly grew in popularity with local pressure washing companies. Sun Brite Supply has a great reputation for providing support, and suggestions for pressure washing contractors dealing with problems on job sites. Sun Brite Supply offers a variety of advantages for pressure washing companies that will help your company be more profitable and successful.

Sun Brite Supply In MD logoOur knowledgeable staff members at Sun Brite Supply have years of experience working with contractors, and can save you valuable time and effort in the field. With this experience also comes insight on the equipment used by contractors for different services. For example, we can recommend which types of machines will work best for the services you provide based on Belt Drive – Direct Drive, Gallons Per Minute, the amount of pressure, and if you really need a hot water pressure washer instead of a cold water pressure washer. Sun Brite Supply always recommends products that will provide you with the best value and reliability for any type of service your pressure washing company provides. At Sun Brite Supply our mechanics have personal experience in the field as contractors, and years of experience working on small engines, pumps and burner systems, which can help diagnose equipment problems and get your equipment up and running again quickly. Sun Brite Supply also stocks parts to repair all of the equipment we sell, and for other popular brands of pressure washers sold to contractors.

Sun Brite Supply Has Great Pressure Washing Equipment And Prices!

Hot water pressure washersThe pressure washing equipment sold by Sun Brite Supply is nearly 40% lower than other pressure washing supply companies in the area, and built to provide years of service and reliability. All of our pressure washers at Sun Brite Supply are custom-built to our demanding specifications and Sun Brite Supply only uses the best components available with Contractor grade Honda Engines, General Pumps and Becket Burner systems that have a proven track record for reliability, ease of maintenance and the availability of parts locally. The Sun Brite Supply in Maryland store’s showroom is nearly 3,000 square feet for inventory, with on site pressure washer repairs and equipment maintenance making it one of the largest pressure washing supply stores on the East Coast.

Sun Brite Supply Has Pressure Washing Chemicals, Soaps, Cleaners

Pressure washing chemicalsWith our inventory at Sun Brite Supply of pressure washing supplies you can save thousands of dollars a year in shipping costs and delays! Avoid Haz Mat shipping fees and worrying if your products will show up in time by picking up your pressure washing supplies when you need them at our Sun Brite Supply store in Maryland. Why keep a personal inventory of $1,000 in products that fill your truck or garage with hundreds of pounds of cleaners and supplies, when you can keep your money until your ready to do a job. Sun Brite Supply has a selection of cleaners for any type of surface that will remove the toughest stains and dirt giving you outstanding results in record time! Sun Brite Supply carries outstanding deck cleaners, deck stain strippers, truck washing soaps, house washing soaps and even cleaners for roofs and other surfaces. Sun Brite Supply also carries Ready Seal Deck Sealer, voted #1 by professional wood restoration contractors across the nation in online polls for the last 8 years in a row! Not sure exactly what chemicals or cleaners you need just give us a call or stop by our store at Sun Brite Supply, we’ll be glad to help!

Sun Brite Supply Has Pressure Washing Parts And Repairs

pressure washer partsSun Brite Supply stocks thousands of parts for repairing other pressure washers sold in the area by other vendors at reasonable prices. For those rare occasions when one of pressure washers needs repairs, we also carry replacement parts for Black Knight machines too. Unlike other vendors, Sun Brite Supply will also service pressure washing equipment purchased from other vendors and manufacturers. However, equipment purchased from Sun Brite Supply will take precedence over other equipment to ensure that loyal Sun Brite Supply customers receive the best customer service possible with limited down times on equipment!

Sun Brite Supply Has Pressure washing training seminars and classes

pressure washing classes and seminarsSun Brite Supply offers training seminars for a variety of pressure washing services that help contractors learn new services they can offer their clients, how to get better results, and how to do it in less time so you can increase your profits. Sun Brite Supply offers professional training programs for house washing, roof cleaning, building cleaning, deck cleaning, marketing and more. Some of the seminars are taught by Sun Brite Supply staff members, and local contractors with decades of experience in the industry, and some are also approved instructors for the Power Washers of North America.

Give us a call at 301-519-9274 or stop by Sun Brite Supply in Gaithersburg Maryland!