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Brick Cleaning Chemicals

Brick Cleaning Chemicals at Sun Brite Supply!

Brick cleaning chemicalsMost brick cleaning chemicals use hydrofluoric acid which can cause quite a bit of damage to the brick surface your cleaning, usually by etching the surface.  Our brick cleaning chemicals are designed to kill biological growth and remove hydrocarbon stains that most brick cleaning chemicals can’t even touch!

Using a professional grade brick cleaning chemical, hot water and a pressure washer is the best technique for cleaning and maintaining  exterior brick surfaces like patios and that exterior walls of a home.  Our brick cleaning chemicals are perfect for all types of brick surfaces like driveways, pavers, used bricks, patios and brick retaining walls.  Using brick cleaning chemicals like ours will also enable you to clean walkways and brick footpaths, when it comes to brick cleaning chemicals our Brick Clean is one of the most versatile brick cleaning chemicals on sale.

Save Money with our Brick Cleaning Chemicals!

Using our brick cleaning chemicals won’t just save labor, it will also give you a cleaner surface to improve the appearance of the job, it can save you money in the long run.

Cleaning bricks properly involves some experience, to know which of our brick cleaning chemicals you should use to remove stains on bricks.  Some stains require different types of a brick cleaning chemical so always make sure you test any chemicals in a hidden area before applying any of them to the entire surface.  Also, always remember, before applying any brick cleaning chemicals to the surface, pre-wet the brick first!  By pre-wetting the surface you allow the water to penetrate into the brick, not your brick cleaning chemicals!  This will make it easier to rinse the surface when your done and it keeps your brick cleaning chemicals on top of the surface, breaking down the dirt.

Different Uses for Brick Cleaning Chemicals

Bricks need to be cleaned very carefully. Too much pressure or too strong of a mix on your brick cleaning chemicals can damage the craftsmanship of perfectly placed bricks.  Brick cleaning does not need high pressure to be cleaned. In fact, if someone uses excessive pressure while cleaning bricks, it can cause permanent damages. Brick cleaning requires the use of good brick cleaning chemicals, not pressure.

Pavers require a bit more pressure in some cases but brick cleaning chemicals are still your best tool for cleaning them.  Using too much pressure instead of the right brick cleaning chemicals can cause you to remove the sand from the joints. Sun Brite Supply also has another product you can use for pavers after cleaning them with our brick cleaning chemicals, you can use Seal-N-Lock to “bond” the sand together which will prevent shifting of the pavers and stop weeds from growing between them.   Before using Seal-N-Lock, always clean the surface with one of our brick cleaning chemicals first, then rinse the surface thoroughly.  Stop by our store today to pick up  one of our brick cleaning chemicals today to try it yourself!