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Concrete Cleaning Chemicals

Concrete Cleaning Chemicals that do the job!

Our concrete cleaning chemicals will help you remove tough stains from food, oils and other substances.  By combining our concrete cleaning chemicals with hot water and a flat surface cleaner you do concrete cleaning faster than ever before!

Strong concrete cleaning chemicals called Concrete CleanerStop by our store and pick up a gallon bottle of our concrete cleaning chemicals to try for yourself. Most concrete cleaning companies in the area use our concrete cleaning chemicals for a cleaner surface and to drastically cut down their time on the job!

The right concrete cleaning chemicals washing concrete can provide steady income especially if you can do concrete cleaning on a large scale monthly contracts with great concrete cleaning chemicals like Concrete Cleaner!

Choosing Concrete Cleaning Chemicals

If you use concrete cleaning chemicals for cleaning residential driveways you have probably run into rust stains during concrete cleaning that it didn’t remove. In these cases concrete cleaning chemicals might not be the best product to use.  Try using an acid based cleaner like Brick Clean, in most cases it will remove the rust stains that concrete cleaning chemicals were unable to remove.  True rust stains are caused by ferrous material (such as a stone with iron content) coming into contact with oxygen and moisture. When a piece of ferrous rock is exposed to air rust will begin to form very quickly and stain the cement around this spot. This kind of rust stain can be easily identified because it appears to be originating from a single point and spreading from there in the direction water would run. The rust stain can be removed using acid-based concrete cleaning chemicals. The secret to successfully removing this kind of rust stain is to apply acid based concrete cleaning chemicals and immediately begin to agitate the surface. Keep working the stain and rinsing the stain until it is completely rinsed clean to remove any remaining concrete cleaning chemicals from the area.

So when is a rust stain not a rust stain?

Most strong acids like battery acid will actually discolor (or “burn”) the concrete when not neutralized within a short time. These sorts of stains tend to look like brown-orange, puddle-shaped areas on the driveway. The stain is often quite deep, and no products on the market today will satisfactorily remove this orange stain once it been on the cement for an extended amount of time. Too often, pressure washers are used to blast the surface clean when attempting to remove rust stains instead of using concrete cleaning chemicals, which amounts to peeling off a deep layer of the concrete to expose a surface that is less stained. This is not doing the customer any favors they would probably prefer the rust stain! Sometimes fertilizer contains iron which will create a stain that looks similar to a rust stain. Your ability to remove stains with the right concrete cleaning chemicals usually depends on how old the stain is. Most successful contractors have learned to set their customers’ expectations ahead of agreeing to do any job. Learning to identify the difference between these similar situations will help you choose the correct concrete cleaning chemicals to use, and help you to educate the customer.

Concrete Cleaning Chemicals and Hot Water

Washing concrete can be done with a lance for small concrete areas or with a surface cleaner for medium and large concrete areas. One of the most important tools for cleaning drives besides concrete cleaning chemicals is hot water. No matter what type of concrete cleaning chemicals you use heat is something you really have to have for cleaning concrete.  Stop by our store today to pick up one of our concrete cleaning chemicals today!