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Deck Cleaning Chemicals

Deck Cleaning Chemicals for the Professional

Our deck cleaning chemicals will break down stains and sealers on decks, fences and any wood surface.  For professional grade deck cleaning chemicals you can count on visit Sun Brite Supply. Our deck cleaning chemicals are designed to remove the toughest stains so that you can a great finished product.  Most deck cleaning chemicals sold in hardware stores are designed for home owners and aren’t powerful enough to get the job done quickly.  Deck cleaning chemicals from hardware stores suggest using high pressure to clean decks, this will cause extensive damages to the wood and it takes twice as long to get the job done.

Why do so many companies use our deck cleaning chemicals?

Professional grade deck cleaning chemicalsBy using professional grade deck cleaning chemicals from Sun Brite Supply you can count on getting the job done in less time which means more money per hour.  Most power washing contractors in Maryland that use our deck cleaning chemicals usually earn $150 an hour or more.  This doesn’t mean that they charge more, even though they probably could because their results will be superior to pressure washing companies that don’t use professional grade deck cleaning chemicals, they just get the jobs done faster.  Getting the job done faster means they can clean more decks in a day than other pressure washing contractors that don’t use our deck cleaning chemicals.

Deck Cleaning Chemicals (Liquid Chemical or Powder Based)?

We carry a variety of deck cleaning products, some power washing contractors prefer deck cleaning chemicals to deck cleaning powder based products.  Whatever your preference, Sun Brite Supply can help you.  Deck cleaning companies in Maryland seem to prefer our Rip It Deck Cleaner and Severe Strip as the most popular brand of deck cleaning chemicals in the area.

Using Our Deck Cleaning Chemicals

In accordance with the directions that come with all of our deck cleaning chemicals, hose down the deck and surrounding area before applying deck cleaning chemicals.  The water can also help dilute any chemicals that may inadvertently come into contact with plants and grass.  Even with mild mixtures of our deck cleaning chemicals, care must be taken to limit the amount of solution that gets on nearby plants and grass.  This is the same precaution that should be taken with any deck cleaning chemicals though, since most solutions sold in stores contain bleach, which is toxic to plants when in concentrated form.  Our deck cleaning chemicals can be applied with a Deckster, pump up sprayer or brushed onto the deck using a broom, or with a power washer under low pressure.

After waiting the directed length of time for the deck cleaning chemicals to do their work, the deck should be thoroughly rinsed. This is the step where more power can be particularly helpful, as water under pressure more effectively rinses out both dirt and the deck cleaning chemicals. However, too much pressure can gouge wood or cause the grain to become exaggerated. You should never use more than 600 PSI for cleaning decks!  Within wood, the visible grain marks differences in density and hardness. Part of each grain is relatively soft wood. This softer wood can be rinsed away if too much pressure is used. At still higher pressures, even the harder parts of the grain can be damaged.  Stop by our pressure washing supply store in Maryland to pick up your deck cleaning chemicals today, and start saving money and time!