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Deck Sealers – Ready Seal Deck Sealer

Ready Seal Deck Sealer – The Best Deck Sealer

Ready Seal Deck Sealer is rated the best deck sealer in the nation by contractor polls for the last 8 years!  Ready Seal deck sealer has changed the deck cleaning and wood restoration industry!  With Ready Seal deck sealer you won’t have to worry about scratches that remove the finish, runs, laps, or streaks and the deck sealer is ready to use and ready for rainy weather in just 15 minutes!

Ready Seal deck sealer is one of the preferred penetrating oil sealers by “Wood” magazine and thousands of contractors across the nation.

Ready Seal Deck Sealer Colors

Ready Seal deck sealer is available in 8 natural, semi-transparent stain colors to show the natural beauty of the wood that it is protecting through the deck sealer.

Before using any deck sealer to seal a deck, allow the wood to dry for at least 24-48 hours before you seal it with any oil based deck sealer. Once you believe the wood is dry, you should test it with a moisture meter. Be sure to test the areas that do not get much sun, such as close to the house. You are looking for 12% moisture or less.

Ready Seal Deck Sealer And Stain.

The Benefits Of Ready Seal Deck Sealer

Ready Seal deck sealer is made with inert oil that contains no sugars or starches. We caution you to avoid any deck sealer that contains linseed oil (even in small amounts) because linseed oil supports the growth of mildew with its natural sugars and starches.  We also caution you about using any deck sealer without superior UV protection. That includes all clear deck sealers. Darker deck sealer colors contain more UV protection. Ready Seal deck sealer contains some of the finest pigments available today, combined with exclusive resins that help the stain be absorbed completely into the wood very quickly. Ready Seal is permeable, which means it allows the wood to breathe naturally but will not allow moisture drops to enter the wood.

Applying Ready Seal Deck Sealer
A Free guide on applying deck sealer and some deck sealing tips.

Using a good brush with white china bristles, apply the sealer along the edge of the deck nearest the house. Cover about 12” to 18” out from the house, being very careful to feather the edges so that you avoid a straight, visible line where the brushing stops and the spraying will begin. Cutting-in the edge like this allows you to begin spraying away from the house, minimizing your clean-up at the end of the job. Many contractors spray the entire deck, avoiding the extra labor needed for cutting-in by using sheet plastic or a flexible painter’s shield to protect the house from spray. You may also use a brush or roll it, but those methods are more labor-intensive and usually don’t get the deck sealer on the sides of the boards like a using a Deckster deck sprayer for applying Ready Seal Deck Sealer.