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Roof Cleaning Chemicals

Roof Cleaning Chemicals from Sun Brite Supply

Roof Cleaning ChemicalsOur roof cleaning chemicals remove black stains from roofing caused by GleoCaspa Magma and other algae commonly found on roofs, leaving behind a clean algae free surface.  Opinions on roof cleaning chemicals vary widely in the industry so Sun Brite Supply offers a variety of choices in roof cleaning chemicals. We also carry Sodium Hypochlorite, commonly known as pool bleach.  Many contractors in the area use pool bleach mixed with Power House, or house washing product as roof cleaning chemicals to remove black stains and algae from roofs as well.  No matter what type of roof cleaning chemicals you prefer, Sun Brite Supply carries them in stock at all times.  With Sun Brite Supply’s roof cleaning chemicals we can help you cut your costs and get the job done faster!

Roof Cleaning Chemicals that are stronger at Sun Brite Supply

Our roof cleaning chemicals are highly concentrated, to give you the best prices on roof cleaning chemicals that use less room in your truck.  For example, one of our roof cleaning chemicals called Super Roof  Kleen is a five gallon kit that makes 55 gallons of concentrated roof cleaning chemicals!  That’s enough roof cleaning chemicals to clean about 20 average asphalt or tile roofs when used with cold water machines, and even more when used with a hot water machine!

Get Roof Cleaning Equipment designed to apply Roof Cleaning Chemicals!

The Roofster, roof cleaning equipment for applying roof cleaning chemicalsThe Roofster is an application system designed as a chlorine pump skid to apply roof cleaning chemicals, that is only available from Sun Brite Supply.  This application system for applying roof cleaning chemicals combines an extraordinary John Blue Chlorine Pump, with a Honda GX160 engine, mounted on an aircraft-aluminum skid frame. The pump is constructed with polypropylene and chemical-resistant stainless steel and is guaranteed to stand up to pure 10% chlorine for One Full Year by the manufacturer.  This pump system can apply roof cleaning chemicals at about five gallons per minute which is just about as fast as you can apply it, but not too fast so your wasting roof cleaning chemicals.

Favorite Roof Cleaning Chemicals And Methods

Over the past year or so the debate on roof cleaning chemicals and the process for roof cleaning seems to have settled on two methods.

Chlorine Bleach and Power House as a surfactant is probably the one favorite in roof cleaning chemicals.   This roof cleaning method involves using Power House and pool bleach as active roof cleaning chemicals. It’s applied with a shurflow pump, Delevan pump or Roofster,  left to dwell on the surface then rinsed off.   Using these types of roof cleaning chemicals come with some hazards though.  While using chlorine, you need to be cautious as it can quickly damage clothing and your lungs, and it is also toxic and may harm plants.

Non- Chlorine Based Roof Cleaners

A lot of clients don’t like the use of bleach in the environment and insist on using other roof cleaning chemicals.  Having said that, this also gives you the opportunity to offer  “Non Bleach Roof Cleaning Chemicals” for these types of clients.  You can usually charge more for this Premium service too.  If these are the type of clients you want then you will love Roof Kleen, our non chlorine based roof cleaning chemicals.