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Truck Washing Chemicals

Truck Washing Chemicals That Do The Work!

Truck Washing Chemicals from Sun Brite SupplyEveryone knows that our truck washing chemicals like Truck Brite, Fleet Brite and Aluma Brite work great and cost less than any other truck washing chemicals in the country.  So let’s focus on how you can apply our truck washing chemicals faster so you can make more money.  The most efficient way to apply our truck washing chemicals is a down streamer or low pressure sprayer. They can increase your speed applying our truck washing chemicals saving you time with more profit  Applying truck washing chemicals is fairly easy when washing 150 trucks with the truck washing chemicals!

Truck Washing Chemicals Application

Truck Washing Chemicals for FleetsA professional method of applying truck washing chemicals is called “two-stepping”. In this technique, you hit the surface with acid-based truck washing chemicals and finish with alkaline neutralizing truck washing chemicals. Switching between the opposite ends of the pH spectrum, the dirt is “popped” off the surface. The acid based truck washing chemicals used for the first part of the process is usually made with hydrofluoric acid. Our hydrofluoric-based truck washing chemicals is called Aluma Brite. These truck washing chemicals are perfect for all types of trucks, fleets and aluminum surfaces.

Hydrofluoric acid is extremely dangerous for inexperienced people to use. It travels through the skin to seek and destroy the calcium in your bones and body. Severe exposure to hydrofluoric acid can be fatal in a matter of hours.  Since so many fleet washers rely on the two – step method, Sun Brite Supply developed a Safety Ointment for emergency use after exposure to hydrofluoric. It can add several hours of time for you to get medical attention. We offer this with every purchase of our hydrofluoric truck washing chemicals.

Truck Washing Chemicals That Are Safer

We also have truck washing chemicals for those who are willing to sacrifice the aggressiveness of hydrofluoric for the safety of a different acid. We offer citric/phosphoric truck washing chemicals called Aluma Safe. We have worked with companies that design truck washing chemicals for fleet washing contractors. These products are made to remove the toughest stains and soil from any type of fleet or construction equipment.

Not washing tractor-trailer rigs, we offer several one-step truck washing chemicals that might be ideal for you. The gentlest of these is called Truck Brite, which is safe for all kinds of surfaces. If you are washing paint-only surfaces, such as UPS or Frito Lay trucks, you will probably want to move up to Fleet Brite pretty quickly. This is an aggressive one-step washer that is very inexpensive to use. It will get you off the job quicker than any other truck washing chemicals we know of.

My personal favorite truck washing chemicals overall is Big Truck Brite. It’s less aggressive than Fleet Brite, but it can be used on all surfaces and it leaves the vehicle with a near-wax shine. I use it on my own truck and it leaves it clean and shiny!  Wet Wax that you can add to any truck wash to get that shine on the vehicle that fleet managers are looking for. (NOTE: We have lots of customers who even buy Wet Wax and add it to house wash mixtures for a nice gleam on vinyl and aluminum!)  All of the truck washing chemicals can be found at our local Sun Brite Supply!

Truck Washing Chemicals And Hot Water

Hot Box can be used with truck washing chemicals for faster results!Most truck washing chemicals work better with hot water than cold. If you don’t have hot water, you will use about twice as much washer to get the job done. You can use truck washing chemicals with a Hot Box to make this job easier. We sell Hot boxes, an alternative to buying a new hot water pressure washer if you don’t already have one. Thinking about buying a hot water pressure washer, don’t forget that we have guaranteed low prices on some of the best hot water pressure washers around!

The water you use for fleet washing makes a big difference, too. Many truck washing companies like to use de-ionized water (D. I. for short) after they rinse off their truck washing chemicals. This water goes through a treatment that makes it rinse off the vehicle without spots. If you don’t have a D. I. system, there are some easy alternatives that are extremely inexpensive. We have a product called SoSoft, which is almost as effective as using D. I. After rinsing off your truck washing chemicals, you just add it to your water for a spot-free rinse.