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Deckster Spray System Saves Time!

The Deckster Deck Sprayer System from Sun Brite Supply

The Deckster spray system is one of the best time saving tools on the market for wood restoration contractors.

On January 1, 2015, the Deckster Deck Sprayer was officially replaced with a newer, lighter system and a LOWER PRICE that we think you will LOVE, even more than the original system!  Click here to check out the NEW SPRAYING SYSTEM on our Web Store!


Deck sealing is probably the most time consuming part of deck restoration when applying deck sealers. Spraying decks and fences with a sprayer saves time and gives you a very even application. The new Deckster Spray System can save a contractor even more time applying deck sealers by 50%. The new Deckster Spray System was designed for Wood Restoration contractors, but it can easily be used for everything from pest control to soap dispensing. The New Deckster spray system can pay for themselves in as little as a few days, just by saving you 45 minutes a day or more over that pump up deck sprayer you’re probably using now for applying deck sealers. The new Deckster Spray System can be hooked up to a 5 gal. bucket of deck sealer. Slip in a battery, prime it, and just turn it on and go.  No stopping to fill up a 1-2 gallon pump sprayer anymore, or dragging around a 40lb piece of equipment and a 12 volt battery!.

Deckster Spray System is quick and easy to use:

The new Deckster Spray System has a fully adjustable output (from 5 PSI to 90 PSI, from .1 to .5 GPM) just with the pull of a trigger.  It is designed to handle both harsh cleaners and of course Ready Seal and Armstrong Clark Deck Stains.

The motor and pump used in the new Deckster Spray System is an “on-demand” pump in a compact size that no other deck sprayer uses. There are other deck sprayers, but none are as small and compact the new Deckster Spray System.  No other dealer touches our price on this sprayer either, so you can buy the new Deckster Spray System with confidence!

The Deckster Spray System comes assembled and complete, with lots of available accessories to help you custom-tailor your new Deckster spray system to your specific needs.

Parts And Service For The Original Deckster Spray System

The first Deckster we built is still in service today, and we will continue carrying parts and offering repair services for it!  So don’t worry, Sun Brite Supply has you covered!  If your Original Deckster should ever need repair, We stock a complete line of repair and replacement parts for the Deckster Spray System to get you back up and running again.

At Sun Brite Supply we have all the items you need to get up and running while saving you time and money!

If your interested in the New Deckster Spray System Visit Our Online store here: The New 12 Volt Spraying System, or call 301-519-9274.