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Flat Surface Cleaners

Flat Surface Cleaners

Flat Surface Cleaners or Spinners clean incredibly fast!   Flat Surface Cleaners can do flat work in half the time!

What can Flat Surface Cleaners do for my business?

flat surface cleanersUsing flat surface cleaners will clean flat work much faster than using a conventional wand and tip. Flat surface cleaners can outperform even rotary nozzles on jobs as small as residential driveways (which means you make more money per hour using them). Flat Surface Cleaners have a wider cleaning span and come in multiple sizes.

Which Flat Surface Cleaners should you choose?

Whenever considering to add flat surface cleaners always look for the payback time. If you are targeting $100 per hour a $500 flat surface cleaners pay you back when it saves you five hours. After the five hours are saved, the flat surface cleaner is free and actually pays you by saving time from that day on. A surface spinner or flat surface cleaners can cut the time it takes to clean over a regular wand and tip by as much as 66% and cut the time over using a rotary nozzle by about 25%.

Which size of Flat Surface Cleaners should you  choose?

When deciding what size of flat surface cleaners to look at, consider the pressure washer you are going to drive it with. It takes between 2000 – 4000 PSI to run these flat surface cleaners. If you operate between 2 – 4 GPM, consider the 16″ through 24″ models to be your best choices of flat surface cleaners. If you operate between 4 – 8 GPM, 24″ through 30″ flat surface cleaners are excellent choices. Some flat surface cleaners use two arms, and some flat surface cleaners use three or even four (significantly more efficient).  Flat Surface Cleaners or Surface Spinners can be made of composites like nylon or metals like aluminum or stainless steel. Flat surface cleaners prices vary widely according to quality and size. Most name-brand machines will give you good service for years and years, so choose flat surface cleaners that are well-suited to your needs.

NOTE: If you are looking for vacuuming surface cleaners, take a look under the “Environmental Cleaning” section for a great selection.

NOTE: Inexpensive flat surface cleaners sometimes use spinners produced in China. These parts are likely to require more frequent maintenance than their European or American-made counterparts.

You will see by this selection that we have really fallen for the Mosmatic line of surface cleaners. These Swiss-made beauties have the kind of quality and value that experienced contractors demand. We believe these surface cleaners are equal to or better than the quality of any other manufacturer.

The Mosmatic line of flat surface cleaners (concrete cleaners) feature:

* Stainless Steel Handle and Housing.

* The unparalleled Mosmatic swivel. Swiss-engineered 2000 RPM, 4000 PSI, 10 GPM, 250° swivel features reinforced self lubricated stainless steel ball bearing and dual spring based carbide seal sliding rings for long lasting operation under tough conditions.

* Adjustable swivel casters (some models) with greasable bearings.

* Anti-fatigue trigger spray gun.

* Stainless Steel recessed bolts and nuts.

* Reduces labor time by 30% or more.

* Eliminates zebra striping; provides uniform cleaning.

* Minimizes fatigue.

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We carry a variety of sizes and specifications for flat surface cleaners, here is a basic break down on each unit.

Flat surface cleaners will more than pay for themselves in the professional pressure washing business!