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Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot water pressure washers are best at jobs where significant amounts of oil or grease are present or if some heat reactive substance is being cleaned. Typically, hot water pressure washers perform better than the cold water ones. The main reason is that they have a capability of heating up the water of up to 200º F. In power washing process the heat is the most essential element of cleaning. Heat and high water temperature combined create an abrasive action, which in combination with pressure washer chemicals emulsify the dirt, grime and tough stains while the water pressure loosens them and the water flow carries them away. Always read the manual before using a hot water unit.

Who Should Use Hot Water Pressure Washers?

Companies that have a need for removing unsightly grease and grime. Some of the major users include Restaurants, Construction Companies, Health Clubs, Pork Producers, Dairy Factories, Commercial Kitchens & Bakery’s, Pressure Washing Contractors and all other commercial and industrial companies that require fast and easy cleaning solution. All contractors that have any of these needs or want the work to go faster for more profit should use hot water pressure washers.

Thinking About Expanding Your Pressure Washing Company With A Hot Water Pressure Washers?

Buy one of our 5.5GPM or 8GPM hot water pressure washers and Sun Brite Supply Of Maryland will give you a voucher for a 50% discount on the Two Day Power Washing Training Classes from the Contractors Foundation. These classes have helped Hundreds of Contractors start up, or improve their companies so they could reach their goal of earning $100,000 a year. Priced at only $699.00, these classes are designed to teach you everything you need to know including all the tips and tricks about pressure washing from established contractors. This Two day training course will give your company the experience it needs to jump start your way in business and avoid common mistakes that put most companies out of business within the first 5 years. Note: This offer is only available for purchases from Sun Brite Supply In Maryland)


Black Knight Hot Water Pressure Washers


Black Knight Hot water pressure washers


Our Heavy Duty Black Knight Pressure Washers are some of the most efficient hot water pressure washers on the market!  The 5.5 GPM model machines can be built with 12 Volt burners for as little as $5,000, or built with 120 volt burners and a built in Generator that can be used to operate lights or other equipment on the job when you need it.


5.5 GPM and 8 GPM hot water Pressure WashersOur 8 GPM hot water pressure washers are the best value around for as little as $6,000. At 8 GPM, and 3500 PSI they are the market leaders in cleaning efficiency that can enable you to earn over $200 an hour in the residential market. Even though the footprint for these hot water pressure washers is smaller than ever, these hot water pressure washers are more powerful than last year’s model with all the features you want and need.


portable hot water pressure washersHot water portable pressure washer from Black Knight. These portable gas-powered hot water pressure washers are built using heavy-duty components and rugged steel chassis to withstand the most rigorous conditions. Don’t confuse this pressure washer with those “bargain” hot water pressure washers that don’t come with nozzles or a trigger gun or even a hose! These hot water pressure washers come with an upgraded pump and unloader. Finance this hot water pressure washer for as little as $140 per month, or lease it for as little as $91 per month!

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