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Guns For Pressure Washers

Guns for pressure washers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, some guns for pressure washers are also built with best prices on guns for pressure washers and choosing the best pressure washing gunErgonomic grips, or “Easy Pull” features to lessen the strain of holding pressure washing guns in your hand all day.  At Sun Brite Supply in Maryland we carry a variety of guns for pressure washers so that you can “Feel” each one in your hand before you buying guns.  It may sound strange to care about how guns for pressure washers should be chosen by “feeling them” but let’s face it, your going to be using pressure washing guns quite a bit of the time, so choosing the best guns for your pressure washer should be something you consider beyond just, how much do the guns for a pressure washer cost!

Specifications on guns for pressure washers

Sun Brite Supply in Maryland offers a variety of pressure washer trigger guns for both, commercial and residential users.  All of our guns for pressure washers are equipped with the 1/4″ FNPT so that the wand pipe can be easily threaded into the gun, or if you prefer you can put a Quick Connect in the end of the gun so that you can easily change the size of the lances you use without having to turn the machine off each time.  The inlet side of the pressure washers gun will accept any 3/8″ MNPT fitting so that the pressure hose can be attached.  Each of our pressure washer guns are tested by the manufacturer to to meet the specifications you need.  For example, some of our guns for pressure washers are built to handle up to 10GMP or more, they can also handle as much as 5,000 PSI or even steam, depending on the type of guns for pressure washers that you need.   Another unique thing about the guns for pressure washers that we carry are that some models are built to handle bleach, acids and other extreme uses that pressure washers use on a daily basis.

So keep in mind, the next time that you need to replace any guns for pressure washers, think beyond how much guns for pressure washers cost, and think about how valuable of a tool it is to your company.  After all, if you don’t have any guns for pressure washers, your going to have a hard time pressure washing!  You should also have a backup pressure washer gun, and a rebuild kit for your pressure washer gun if they are available for your model.

Choosing the right guns for pressure washers:

When choosing the best guns for pressure washers keep these facts in mind, notice that we placed the price of pressure washer guns as the last consideration.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Industrial heavy duty quality designs
  • Will handle temperature of up to 300 degrees
  • Re-build-able
  • Majority of models come with the safety lock
  • Ability to handle Bleach
  • Ability to handle Acids
  • Ability to handle high Ph based products.
  • Ergonomic design to lessen hand strain and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Easy Pull trigger gun capability
  • Cost

I hope this quick run down on guns for pressure washers has shown you just how much thought you should put into buying the best pressure washing gun that you can, it really will make a difference!