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Pressure Washing Classes

Pressure Washing Classes on starting a pressure washing company

“From the Contractors Foundation”
Pressure washing classes are offered several times a year to help new pressure washing contractors pick up the skills they need to learn pressure washing the “right way”.  The classes taught by the Contractors Foundation pressure washing classes are based on industry standards to ensure that every contractor that takes their pressure washing classes is using the most effective and safe methods to clean.  Our pressure washing classes are based on using the least amount of pressure to get the surface clean.

Our Pressure Washing Classes Teach Industry Standards

pressure washing classes and seminars

Pressure washing classes


Most pressure washing classes and materials found online are usually basic information gathered together by someone with very little experience in teaching pressure washing classes, let alone actually doing any pressure washing themselves.  Usually the material given is more of a home study course, instead of recognized industry standard pressure washing classes.  They are usually get rich quick type themes.  The average one man pressure washing company usually earns just under $100,000 a year after they have been in business a few years.



Our Pressure Washing Classes Will Help You Avoid Common Mistakes!

The pressure washing classes are taught by experienced contractors with a minimum of ten years experience.  The instructors teach pressure washing classes in order to pass along some of the knowledge they have gained over the years, so new pressure washing companies can avoid the common mistakes that put most companies out of business.  Some of our pressure washing classes are taught by recognized experts in the pressure washing industry that teach pressure washing classes for organizations, trade shows, seminars and other related events.

Some of our pressure washing classes have been turned into pressure washing manuals and are available for sale through the Contractors Foundation and other companies as the best material available for pressure washing classes.

To take pressure washing classes at a local pressure washing supply store like Sun Brite Supply in Maryland, visit the Contractors Foundation site at:,  to see when the next pressure washing classes are available.  You can also purchase pressure washing manuals on our web site also.

The best thing you can do before starting your pressure washing company is to learn what services you want to offer and to get the right training through one of our pressure washing classes before you accidentally damage someones property.


What do we teach in our pressure washing classes?

Pressure washing classes on deck cleaning and wood restoration
Pressure washing classes on deck cleaning and wood restoration can train you the way to revive decks!  Our pressure washing classes for deck cleaning cover all the fundamental information.  We offer a thorough understanding of wood restoration that only seasoned wood restoration companies with years of experience have discovered, to provide you with all of the advantages you need to start your organization.  We explain the fundamentals of deck construction, lumber species, fastening systems, composite lumber and exotic hardwoods so that your prepared for just about any deck cleaning and wood restoration job you do anywhere in the united states!

Power washing classes on pressure washing houses
Our pressure washing classes for house washing can help you learn all the abilities you’ll need for pressure washing houses with vinyl siding, aluminum siding, EIFS and brick along with other substrates for residential houses from coast to coast. Our pressure washing classes will even train you the way to get rid of black stains on siding and roofs, rust stains, and nutrients like Calcium and Efflorescence.

Learn Environmental compliant pressure washing services and be the neighborhood expert! Safeguarding natural waterways and rivers is the focus of the Clean Water Act.  The possibility of fines for breaking the rules can be devastating to a new pressure washing company, however the rewards for following the rules are great and very profitable!

Pressure washing Classes For Marketing, Estimating and Selling.
This pressure washing class provides you with all the information you need for your pressure washing business. Power washing advertisements, business card printing, logos and much more is going to be talked about within this pressure washing class. We’ll also discuss site development and demonstrate software which you can use to construct your personal site and promote your pressure washing company online 24 hrs each day!

All of these pressure washing classes usually run 3-4 hours and focus on performing pressure washing services faster and more efficiently using different equipment and products that pressure washing companies in the area use.   To get notified of pressure washing classes in Maryland, click here to visit our site!