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Snow blower repairs in Montgomery County Maryland

Most snow blower repairs in Montgomery County Maryland are caused by improper maintenance, lubrication or fuel being left in the tank and carburetor.  Snow blowers in this area are needed mainly in the winter and they stay in storage for the remaining months of the year. Even so, it must imperative that it works perfectly after the first snowfall. A tune-up done well in advance will confirm whether the machine is in good running condition, so that the first start-up pull should have the engine revving for the snow blower to do its job properly.

Common Snow Blower Repairs:

Need snow blower repairs?  Contact our store in Montgomery County Maryland at 301-519-9274This machine is complicated and needs the services of a specialized snow blower repair store. The size of the pulley determines the size of the belt; this affects the drive speed of the blower and ultimately, its ability to throw snow. Jams are a common problem when using snow blowers in Montgomery County Maryland. These can occur in the auger or the discharge chute, especially when the blowers are run over icy or wet snow, thereby picking up foreign objects like grass, mud and rocks from the ground. Sometimes, the auger cannot crush the big chunks of snow when the blower is moved over the surface at a very high speed. Other snow blower repairs include cleaning of the carburetor or spark plug and the addition of a stabilizer to the gas mixture.

 Service Benefits at a Snow Blower Repair Store:

Most of the work is done at the snow blower repair stores, unless the unit is too big or heavy; in this case, the technicians will come over to the customer’s house in Montgomery County Maryland. There is a good network of repair technicians who know the geography and topology of Montgomery County Maryland, the average amount of snowfall and the common problems that snow blowers run into locally. They are well-trained in repairing and servicing the types of units used in this region. Snow blowers repairs are required urgently in the winter, since they hasten up and simplify the removal of snow from driveways and sidewalks. Irrespective of the brand of the machine, the required parts are either kept in stock or obtained quickly, and repair time is kept short. The technicians ensure that the job is done right the first time, so it doesn’t need to be brought back soon.

Self-Maintenance Tips for Snow Blower Owners:

*Spark plugs should be replaced periodically; once a year is usually enough.

*Nuts and bolts can get loosened with the vibrations caused by operating the snow blower; these should be inspected and tightened from time to time.

*Salt that is sprinkled over snow to make the road less slippery can corrode the inside of the snow blower, so this must be washed thoroughly once winter is over.

*The tank should be kept full during storage, to keep out moisture and leave the carburetor free of rust.

*The blower must be kept properly covered with a tarpaulin or other water-proof material.

A combination of careful usage, regular maintenance and high-quality repair will ensure that snow blowers serve their purpose well through the harshest of winters.  For snow blower repairs in Montgomery County Maryland, call 301-519-9274, or stop by our store in Gaithersburg Maryland.