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Wands, Lances, and Telescoping Wands

Telescoping Wands and Lances at Sun Brite Supply!

Telescoping wands and lancesTelescoping wands and lances for pressure washers are another one of the pressure washing supplies that we keep in stock.  Stop by our store today and let us show you an easier, faster way to pressure wash. We carry many telescoping wands and straight lances for pressure washing.  From stainless telescoping wands and lances that offer durability to aluminum telescoping wands and lances that are lightweight and easy to use.  Telescoping Wands are also available as heavy duty wands made from fiberglass and aluminum. Telescoping Wands are also available in lightweight versions too. Sun Brite Supply also carries the harness for the telescoping wands to make it easier on your arms and back as a support. We also have many insulated wands for hot water use.  We sell the grips to add to existing pressure washing wands and lances.  Dual lance wands are available for adjusting your pressure with out changing your tips.  Great for cleaning wood and other delicate surfaces.  Many area pressure washing contractors use the dual lances for deck cleaning which helps them to get the job done faster without damaging the wood surface.

Tired of telescoping wands? Check out x jets!

Heavy duty telescoping wands or pole feature thick-walled fiberglass and aluminum to withstand the rigors of everyday use. These 8 GPM, 4000 PSI-rated telescoping wands have a 3/8″ internal hose, so it works well for downstreaming.

Telescoping wands can help with elevated deck railings, for the floors use our dual lance wand!

There are many jobs that require less pressure than your machine is rated for.  The absolute BEST way to accomplish this reduction of pressure is to use a dual-lance wand (also called a chemical injection wand). This wand has a valve built-in that, when opened, allows water to be diverted to the second tube (or lance).  With the chemical injector tip on that second tube (black in color) the water going through that tip has little or no pressure behind it.  The more you open the valve, the lower the overall pressure delivered by the wand is.  With the dual-lance  set-up, you can use low pressure for the deck and/or roof and run full pressure to clean the driveway after wards – without carrying  telescoping wands or a second wand or even additional tips.

Remember, we offer a full line of pressure washer lances and telescoping wands in stainless steel, zinc coated, fiberglass and aluminum. Insulated and non insulated models. So no matter what type of pressure washer lance or telescoping wands you need to attach to your pressure washer, we have it!

Just stop by our Sun Brite Supply store in Maryland for all your telescoping wands, dual lances, straight lances, and any other pressure washing equipment you may need!