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Certified Used Pressure Washers And Pressure Washing Equipment In Maryland

Get Used pressure washers and other pressure washing equipment that has been “Certified By Sun Brite Supply in Maryland” and avoid paying too much, or getting ripped off on bad equipment!

Buy And Sell Used Pressure Washers And Equipment From Sun Brite Supply Of Maryland!

Get Great Deals On Sun Brite Supply Of Maryland Certified Used Equipment!

Have a Sun Brite Supply Mechanic Check Out Any Equipment Before You Buy It To Protect Yourself!

Get A 60 Day “Half Price” Discount On Any Unexpected Repairs (Parts Not Included)

If Your Planning On Selling Your Used Pressure Washing Equipment, Leave It To The Experts At Sun Brite Supply In Maryland!

Avoid Cancelled Payments And Junk Equipment Scams!


Pressure washing contractors from all over the DC Metro area buy pressure washers from Sun Brite Supply in Maryland, and a lot of them ask us to help them sell their used pressure washers when they upgrade to new equipment. We also have used pressure washing equipment that have been rebuilt and checked out by our pressure washer repair technicians for resale. Some of the used pressure washers we have for sale have had the engines or pumps replaced for a working component that is in good working condition, and some of it is just abandoned pressure washing equipment. No matter where it came from or what condition it was in when we got it, you don’t have to worry about our used pressure washers. Because all of our used pressure washers have been inspected and certified by our repair department before being offered for sale, and all of these used pressure washers come with a 30 day labor warranty.

Are you trying to sell or buy used pressure washers?

Sun Brite Supply in Maryland sells used pressure washers from contractors that have moved on to new pressure washing equipment or just want to empty out their garages of used pressure washers and equipment that they no longer use. If you have used pressure washers or pressure washing equipment that you don’t want to keep you can sell them through Sun Brite Supply on consignment.

Buying used pressure washers and other pressure washing equipment?

Sun Brite Supply in Maryland can inspect used pressure washers and pressure washing equipment to check it’s value and condition. Don’t buy used power washers or equipment without having it looked at by one of our technicians, or you could end up wasting a lot of money on worthless junk! If you have a used pressure washers that you would like us to inspect, just bring it in to our store or give us a call at 301-519-9274 to set up an appointment to have one of our pressure washer repair mechanics inspect any used pressure washers before you buy them!

Buying used pressure washersUsed pressure washers can usually be picked up for a great price but are they worth the money?  It’s difficult to say if you don’t understand the basic principles and mechanical functions of pressure washers.  A lot of the problems with used pressure washers come down to insufficient water flow to the pump, or no oil in the engine.  This could be caused by a blocked screen or filter, a crimped hose or something major because pumps on pressure washers are water cooled and excessive heat can damage them quickly.  A lot of the used pressure washers that contractors bring in have been damaged from abuse like this.