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Drain Jet Systems For Clogs

What can Drain Jet Systems do?

Drain jet systemsDrain Jet Systems can clear clogs that are caused by things like built-up soap scum, tree roots, accumulated mineral deposits, dirt, hair, and grease. Slow drains are almost closed, and a Drain Jet Systems or Jetters are the right tool to clean these lines fast, too. Contractors have been known to use Drain Jet Systems to clear underground drains and clogged downspouts or downspout extensions that run underground. Contact us at Sun Brite Supply in Maryland for Drain Jet Systems. The staff at Sun Brite Supply can guide you in the proper Drain Jet Systems for your needs.

Drain Jet Systems can build a business to be more profitable.

At one time or another, all homeowners and commercial property owners will need this service. Restaurants in particular frequently need drain jet systems to keep grease-prone drains running. Local governments often outsource these services to contractors, too. With the Drain Jet Systems, you can move into this specialty service. All you need is a low-pressure, high-volume pressure washer (with a pulsing flow feature) and the associated accessories that are available in Drain Jet Systems. The Drain Jet Systems can also be used as an added bonus to contractors to clear underground drains and downspout extensions. Drain Jet Systems can add income to gutter cleaning businesses. Drain Jet Systems can bu used by plumbers as well to clear drains with tree and grass roots, or even grease clogs.

The pressures needed to clean drain lines with a drain jet system depends on the particular job, but usually range between 1500 and 4000 PSI. 2500 PSI is the most typical pressure used.

Cam Spray has been building quality Drain Jet Systems and Jetters for years. They build electric and gasoline-powered models, including portables, truck-mounts, and trailer units. Depending on the model of drain jet systems that you select, you will find gas engines with low-oil shutoff, an adjustable pressure valve, a chemical injection system, an 80 mesh strainer, and lots more. If you would like to have a custom-tailored drain jet systems built to fit your operation, or just have questions about these Drain Jet Systems, contact us for more information.

Drain Jet Systems Features include:

Triplex plunger pump (ceramic plungers, stainless valves)

35′ Power cord with built-in GFCI plug on electric models

Low-oil shutoff on gasoline models


Adjustable pressure

Chemical Injection

Totally-enclosed motors

Pumps that handle fluids up to 165ºF

Powder-coat frame

10″ or 13″ Pneumatic tires with tubes

Tool Box with gloves, safety goggles, a nozzle assortment, and a nozzle cleaning tool

Removable reel with shut-off valve that allows you to keep the drain jet systems outdoors while carrying the reel indoors

For questions and pricing for the Drain Jet Systems call 301-519-9274.