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Pressure Washers

Pressure Washers Are Not All Alike

Pressure Washers for sale in Maryland

Pressure washers come in a variety of designs depending on the type of jobs the pressure washers will be used for.  Most commercial grade pressure washers are built with a belt drive system that enables them to run at lower RPM’s which puts less strain on the engine.  All engines on pressure washers aren’t the same either, for example the GX series Honda Engines are commercial grade and considered to be the best model made for pressure washers.


Pressure washers for contractors:

Let’s start by looking at the different types of pressure washers available:

Heavyweight vs Lightweight: If you are buying a portable pressure washer, it makes sense to pay attention to the weight of the unit. After all, you are the one who is going to lug it all around and move it into and out of your truck. Aluminum frames can be fragile, and steel frames can be heavy, so talk to your dealer about how you are going to transport the pressure washers. He may be able to steer you to a good solution for your needs.

Home Model vs Contractor Model: The final choice for you to think about is durability. We have already discussed the difference in the pressure washers pumps, even when they are from the same manufacturer. The cheapest pressure washers usually have the cheapest pumps, which won’t hold up well for most pressure washing contractors. There are other considerations that you need to think about, too.

Even the finish of the pressure washers frame should be paid attention to.  Powder coating holds up better and lasts longer than painted frames. Steel frames rust. Aluminum or stainless doesn’t. Aluminum can be bent, steel is very rigid. Choices, choices.

For pressure washers that will be used at least 20 hours per week and sometimes up to 8 hours in a day, the lower priced pressure washers just won’t last very long. They come with inadequate parts throughout, such as the unloaders, pumps, and even the engines. Just because it says “Honda”, for example, doesn’t mean that all Hondas are the same. This is where Grandpa’s “you get what you pay for” saying really is true.

By the way, everybody loves Honda engines. They hold up very well. Vanguard engines are built every bit as well and last as long as Hondas, and seem to deliver more real pressure per rated horsepower.

There are a lot of different pumps for pressure washers too, if someone states a preference when buying a new pressure washer, Cat is the most specified brand I hear.  Our experience is that all of the major brand pumps are excellent, but we believe that General Pumps and AR Pumps work are a better value for pressure washers because of the availability of replacement parts.  Everyone has their own preference of course, but we specify General Pumps for the pressure washers we carry because we want to provide the best pressure washers in the area.

For example, if you buy pressure washers that cost $900 and you get six months use out of it, that purchase cost you $150 per month. If you bought a Black Knight or Pressure-Pro pressure washers name brand commercial- grade pressure washers of the same specifications for $1600 and you got 5 years of use from it, that purchase cost you $27 per month.  So you can see, there is quite a difference in most pressure washers value and life expectancy.

If the bottom line for you is how much cash you have to fork over right now to buy some pressure washers, consider an alternative. A reputable dealer can get you quality pressure washers on a lease or finance contract. In the long run, you are better off with the better equipment.

We sell Black Knight and Pressure Pro pressure washers in our pressure washing supply stores.

Black Knights are built to our demanding specifications, with features like gray non-marking hoses, hour meters for tracking maintenance, EZ-Pull trigger guns, air inlet points for easier winterizing, and other little touches that help you get the most from your tools.

Alongside our Black Knight pressure washers, we offer the full line of Pressure-Pro pressure washers. These are some of the most rugged pressure washers on the market, and one of the fastest growing preferred brands in the industry.

Whatever your pressure washing needs are, we have the right pressure washers at the right price for you!